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The Backstein Cluster

Originally just made for friends to play together, we decided to open our Server up so that we can enjoy the game with others!
We, as admins, are players just like you!
Our Settings are optimized for smaller tribes (up to 5 people).
(That's the way we played)

Download the mods!


But what is different from other Servers?

Optimized for Small Tribes

Our server is optimized for Small Tribes.
We have 2xTaming, 2xHarvesting,2xBreeding so that you can get things done quickly enough. (See the exact changes in the FAQ)

All DLC maps!

You will find all DLC Maps on our Cluster, so that you can play the map you want while still being able to transfer to any map you would want to!


Our servers are constantly updated so that you will never have to worry about not being able to connect, because of a server-update!

Good Connection

Our servers are in Germany and equipped with newest tech. The server should feel as responsive as can be!