We salute you!

Whether or not you like Building, Parkouring or just fighting with other Players: We got you covered!
There a plenty of Gamemodes to choose from with new ones getting added regularly!

For those about to Rock...

To assure that every User has a great experience playing on our Server we need you to read our Rules. You can find them by clicking the Button:



To provide you with service and protect our Server from people breaking the rules we require you to consent to the collection and processing of the following data associated with your Minecraft UUID:
- IP addresses, logins, access logs
- Stats about your performance in the games (Kills/Deaths etc.), Total playtime
- Ingame and chat behavior
- Your settings, membership in clans, friendships on the server, bans, mutes
- Details to your rank
- Links to other optional services like the Forum account / Discord
We protect your data by using state of the art security measures and will not sell it to third parties. Stats and clan memberships are publicly visible so we can display leaderboards.
By clicking accept in the ingame prompt you agree to the processing and collection of this data.